• 1A Warrior's Life: A Biography of Paulo Coelho , Morais Fernando (2010)
    Paulo Coelho is a worldwide phenomenon. At a time when he is coming up to the fantastic achievement of 100 million copies sold worldwide across all his books, his fans will be delighted with the… 566 руб

  • 2A Two-Step Perturbation Method in Nonlinear Analysis of Beams, Plates and Shells , Hui-shen Shen
    The capability to predict the nonlinear response of beams, plates and shells when subjected to thermal and mechanical loads is of prime interest to structural analysis. In fact, many structures are… 14126.58 руб электронная книга

  • 3Yield Design , Jean Salencon
    Since the middle of the 20th Century yield design approaches have been identified with the lower and upper bound theorem of limit analysis theory– a theory associated with perfect plasticity. This… 8819.36 руб электронная книга

  • 4Infrared Spectroscopy of Triatomics for Space Observation , Pierre-Richard Dahoo
    This book is dedicated to the application of the different theoretical models described in Volume 1 to identify the near-, mid- and far-infrared spectra of linear and nonlinear triatomic molecules in… 12643.68 руб электронная книга

  • 5The Mill on the Floss , George Eliot (1993)
    Introduction by and Notes by R. T. Jones, Honorary Fellow of the University of York This novel, based on George Eliot's own experiences of provincial life, is a masterpiece of ambiguity in which… 242 руб

  • 6The Haunter of the Dark: Collected Short Stories: v. 3 , H. P. Lovecraft (2010)
    This title is selected and introduced by M. J. Elliott.'They were removing the stones quietly, one by one, from the centuried wall. And then, as the breach became large enough, they came out into the… 318 руб

  • 7Those in Peril , Smith Wilbur (2012)
    Hazel Bannock is heir to the Bannock Oil Corporation, one of the major global oil producers. While cruising the Indian Ocean, her yacht is hijacked by Somalian pirates and her nineteen-year-old… 689 руб

  • 8The Mill on the Floss , Eliot George (1993)
    The Mill on the Floss, based on George Eliot's own experiences of provincial life, is a masterpiece of ambiguity in which moral choice is subjected to the hypocrisy of the Victorian age. As the… 232 руб

  • 9Music , Zuckerman Andrew (2010)
    Music is Andrew Zuckerman's latest masterpiece, an extraordinary sequel to the highly acclaimed Wisdom. For this new, ambitious project, he now turns his unique perspective to music. Sixty eminent… 1794 руб

  • 10С hild Development and Personality , Paul Henry Mussen, John Janeway Conger, Jerome Kagan (1963)
    The six years since the appearance of the first edition of this book have been exciting ones for child psychology. Systematic research has in­creased the probably validity of many statements that… 180 руб